JSC Federal Freight – a socially responsible company

From its very foundation, the Federal Freight activity was aimed not only at becoming financially and industrially successful, but also at solving various social issues. This concerns not only the transportation of socially important freights in Federal Freight cars, such as coal, construction materials and consumer goods.

The company began supporting talented young people who desire to work in the railway industry and fulfill innovative projects in the nearest future;

Federal Freight supports national sports – it finances FC "Lokomotiv" (Moscow) and the volleyball tournament for the President Cup of PLC «Russian Railways».

The Company aims to create high social standards for its employees. A trade union functions within Federal Freight to protect the rights and legal interests of the Company's employees.

Over a relatively short period of time, a tradition within Federal Freight has been established to support and develop corporate sports. Employees of the Moscow office created a football team, and the idea was supported by the JSC Federal Freight management. On May 28, 2011 the team won first prize in the competition held by the Railway Football League – an association of amateur football clubs of companies within the PLC «Russian Railways» holding.